About Us

Renova Power Corp is a leading Licensed Electrical contractor in Maharashtra. Throughout our past, we have always equipped our consumers with finest quality goods of the highest importance. While the pace of technical progress is unparalleled, the keys to our success over the past have not changed.

Over the last 10 years, we have been working in the area of extra high voltage equipment maintenance, repair, erection, commissioning, on-site testing, rewinding of transformers, inverter & Maintenance of EHV substations. We have also been a service provider in the area of electrical consulting and contracting for over three decades.

Our existing clients are our biggest assets, and we continue to work to strengthen our genuine relationship with them. In all of our projects, we aspire to become partners with our clients through long-term collaboration, encouragement and friendly service

We are proud to give our clients top-quality workmanship, healthy working conditions and professional customer support utilizing modern technology.

  • Our Aim
  • The aim of Renova Power Corp is to provide high quality service in order to satisfy the basic specifications of our customers at all times. We aim to ensure that we continue to uphold our reputation as a responsible and esteemed business in the electrical industry class of EHV and manufacturing.

  • Our Vision
  • Renova Power Corp vision is to revolutionise the operation of electrical buildings and provide competent, fully - integrated solutions.
    We put a lot of hard work, attention to detail, and dedication into any project we complete We provide our clients with new concepts, suitable facilities and up-to - date technology to effectively execute their tasks on schedule and under the budget.

Why us?

  • High Quality Service

  • We have a high quality, flexible, responsive and cost-effective range of electrical installations and products and would like the opportunities to illustrate how this will benefit your organisation premises.

  • Transparency

  • Our electricians will present you an itemised price sheet so there are no surprises on your product bill. Single service appointment is handled by our office manager to ensure that it is done to their expectations.

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • We give priority to contact with our clients. If you have an electrical workplace problem, we want to know about it! If our support was unsatisfying or if the problem was not totally solved, we would be glad to come back and resolve any problems.

  • Guaranteed work

  • We promise consistency and reliability. Our consumers realise that they can count on getting a full electrical service provided perfectly to the specification on schedule, within the expenditure and to the best possible standard.

  • Convenience

  • We realize your time is minimal. We’re going to call you ahead and give you a two hour service slot for your visit. Our electricians are working to finish every improvement or upgrade in a responsible manner so that you can move on with your day.

  • Innovative Design

  • We provide Innovative design solutions for all kind of projects. When you work with Renova Power Corp you will also benefit from the experience, technologies and goods of our industry-leading collaborators.